Civil Engineering Projects

Floating Piles under Vertical, Coupled and Torsional Vibration (Jan, 2013 - Present):               (Prof. Bappaditya Manna)
  • Determined and developed programs to model stiffness and damping parameters of linear & non-linear soil models using Continuum Approach
  • Developed Matlab Code for studying the frequency-amplitude response of single pile subjected to dynamic vertical, coupled and torsional loads using FEM Finite Element Approach
  • Developed Single Pile Vertical Vibration Analyzer SPVVA 1.0 GUI application in Matlab to obtain frequency-amplitude responses
  • Research Paper “Nonlinear dynamic response of floating piles under vertical vibration” published in 14thIACMAG International Conference of the International Association for Computer Methods and Advances in Geomechanics 2014, Kyoto, Japan
  • Research Paper on “Dynamic Response of Floating Piles under Vertical Vibration” is under process to be sent to a Journal

Vertical Vibration

Coupled and Torsional Vibration

Thesis - Vertical Vibration thesis

Thesis - Coupled Vibration thesis       Coupled Presentation

SPVVA 1.0 GUI -Application  Readme


                 Matlab Programs-

Vertical Matlab Code

Coupled Matlab Code

Torsional Matlab Code

GUI Explanation Video - Video_Url

Sample Input & Results - Sample

Soil Models

Linear (Novak 1978)

Non-Linear (Novak Sheta-1980)

Non-Linear II (Han-1997)

Vertical Soil Model Code

Rocking/Horizontal Soil Model Code

Torsional Soil Model Code

Vertical Soil Model Code

Rocking/Horizontal Soil Model Code

Torsional Soil Model Code

Vertical Soil Model Code

 Paper Bridge (waste paper, adhesive and water) (July, 2012 - Dec, 2012):                                    (Prof. Abhijit Ganguli)

  • Employed innovative technique to design joints, members and pavement of a truss bridge of 1m Span length
  • Achieved working strength up to 250 Kg i.e.80 times of self-weight 3.720 Kilograms
  • Fabricated and prepared with the basic elements as of only waste paper and adhesive-water (1:2) mixture
  • Published in Times of India TOI for being popular project of Open House - 2012 among 300 registered projects


Presentation and In New Paper         Poster        Presentation

Structural Analysis II (July, 2012 - Dec, 2012):                                                                                (Prof. Suresh Bhalla)

  • Led a team of three and developed a computer program in Java to analyze a general Plane Frame having ‘m’ number of bays and ‘n’ number of storeys subjected to non-uniform lateral loads
  • Applied Finite Element Method FEM for modelling the problem and Gaussian Elimination with Partial Pivoting for matrix manipulations to arrive the solution comprising of nodal displacements, rotations, forces and moments
  • Successfully executed and developed a GUI Application in Java that generates complete detailed output with programmed figures in a separate Results.txt file.

GUI Application in Java

Project Report and Assignment Problem

Framed Structure Assignment Problem  

Project Report  

GUI Application developed in java 

Guidelines for the Application 


Design of Industrial Structures (Jan, 2013 - May, 2013):                                                              (Prof. Vasant Matsagar)

  • Coordinated in a team of three, investigated site climatic and soil conditions, integrated, designed and prepared detailing of all components of an industrial steel building located in Jaipur
  • Determined live, dead and wind loadings, applied them and designed all structural components including Gantry Girder, purlins, truss members, lateral braces, columns, foundation and roof sheeting
  • Analyzed and checked the designed structure for all load combinations on as per IS Codes using Staad Pro

Complete Detailed Design Project

Presentation of the Detailed Design

Detailed Design Presentation 

Numerical Computations of Water Resources in FORTRAN (July, 2011 - Dec, 2011):                                (Prof. N K Garg)

  • Programmed explicit and implicit methods used in numerical analysis for obtaining numerical solutions of time-dependent ordinary and partial differential equations
  • Programmed Elliptical Differential Equations Solutions in Fortran and implemented to model confined and unconfined aquifers
  • Programmed Gauss Jordan Elimination Method, Pipe Flow-Distribution Analysis and simultaneous Iterative computation in Fortran

Implicit And Explicit Methods

Implicit & Explicit   Explicit.f90    Implicit.f90

Elliptical Differential Equations

Elliptical Diff Eqns     Prg1.f90    Prg2.f90

Steady State Pipe Flow Problems and Others

Pipe Flow Prob     Gauss     Lagrange    Area Apprx

Geo-referencing and Digitization (July, 2012 - Nov, 2012):                                                                   (Prof. A K Gosain)

  • Worked in a team of 7 and performed geographical data collection, processing and digitization using ArcGIS
  • Digitized and added spatial data object attributes to all floors of the Main Building and Bharti Building of IIT Delhi
  • Contributed to IIT Delhi database system in creation and development of a Virtual Campus for students

Project Report

ArcGIS Files

IIT Building and Bharti Building ArcGIS Files 

Assessment of water resource in Bihar,India (Jan, 2014 - May, 2014): Water Resource Report              (Prof. R Maheshwaran)

Project Status and Safety at Construction Sites (Jan, 2013 - May, 2013): Project Presentation                           (Prof. K N Jha)